The multiple and complex factors that affect the health and wellbeing of communities require a new generation of public health professionals to utilize the robust Public Health strategies to positively change individual health behaviors, motivate organizational/health system changes, initiate pragmatic health policy actions, as well as encourage robust socio-economic empowerment programs to improve health outcomes. With the recent refocus on Primary Health Care (PHC) as the key to reducing the global disease burden and improving the general health conditions of the people, particularly in developing countries, our public health programme provides students the opportunity to  examine environmental issues, access to health care services, health policies, and social and contextual determinants of health and wellbeing.


The department’s vision is to prevent diseases, promote good health and protect life of immediate, extended and world community.


Our Mission as Christian health professionals is to promote and restore health and wholeness to all people through teaching, research and community service.


Many Health Institutions exist for the sole purpose of promoting good health. The department of Public Health is unique in its approach of health promotion, established on the premise of a divine philosophy of health.

We believe that health began with Christ from the beginning. Health was given to man as a free gift. However, as soon as sin set in, man’s health has continued to be threatened. Man therefore continues to strive to attain optimum health. A combination of the practice of sound health principles and belief in divine intervention promotes optimum health.

We seek to instill these principles in our own students and others through holistic health education to prepare them for the world now and for the future. We are committed to helping man attain a level of health whereby he is socially, mentally, physically and spiritually satisfied.


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Babcock University is the first University in Nigeria, indeed Africa, and perhaps globally to offer the first Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. At inception, the Department of Nursing and Community Health was created to offer three major programmes: Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Bachelor of Nursing Science, and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science. The Bachelor of Laboratory Science was put on hold. Later, the Department became Department of Health Sciences. Today, it is a standalone Department in the School of Public and Allied Health offering one program: Bachelor of Science in Public Health (since 1999). The Public Health Program has FULL Accreditation from the National Universities Commission (NUC).

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